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In effort to improve on communications to the parish, our parish e-Bulletin was created.  This weekly newsletter, in the form of an email message, includes all key upcoming events, news and other information, as covered in the bulletin.  The newsletter may be received by anyone who signs up to receive it (see "How to Sign Up..." below).


The weekly e-Bulletin contains most of the content of the weekly bulletin, organized by topic.  These items are organized in an outline format with hyperlinks to take the reader to each news item.

Example e-Bulletin

Go HERE to view a copy of a recent e-Bulletin.


How to Sign Up to Receive the e-Bulletin

Below is a hyperlink which will allow anyone to be added to the list of those receiving the parish e-Bulletin:

After clicking on the hyperlink, the user will be taken to a Google Groups sign-up page.  Click on the blue "Join Group" button and follow the directions.