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The Annulment Support ministry provides Case Sponsors to assist people through the process of pursuing an annulment to previous marriages. These sponsors have been trained by the archdiocese to answer questions about the annulment or "Nullity" process, provide guidance through the details of selecting the correct type of petition, completing and filing the petition, and serving as the contact with the Archdiocesan Tribunal. Case Sponsors' training and experience in this ministry also enables them to provide emotional support to those going through this process.

People who have questions about annulments can contact the ministry directly or may wish to meet with a priest first, then work through the process with a Case Sponsor.

Ministry Opportunities

Anyone interested in becoming a Case Sponsor must first be approved by the Pastor, and then must complete the archdiocesan training classes which are held approximately every two years.


Msgr. Leo Wleczyk / Dcn. Gary Forse
Phone: (979) 297-3043


Nullity case sponsors communicate by phone or meet as needed to coordinate case load. Informational meetings are held occasionally to inform the parish of the services provided by the ministry.