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Family Life Ministry of St. Michael's is a big family that focuses on bringing families and marriages closer together and closer to Christ. As Catholic Christians we provide family friendly events that support the family structure proposed by Christ in the Bible and by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Join us at our next event! We would love to meet you and your family.

Ministry Opportunity

This ministry is open for all families to join. Families take many different shapes and sizes and we accommodate and welcome all families!


Molly Schoener
Phone: (989) 488-3924

Cody Schoener
Phone: (989) 488-0554




Family Life Ministry Leaders: Cody & Molly Schoener
Description of Role: Oversee all event planning, Oversee budget for ministry, Report to SMLJ the progress of each individual event within the ministry, Seek approval for all events and details, act as the intermediary between church leadership and committee leaders. Proposes new committees, etc

Family Life Committee: Led by Nick & Alyse James and Lauren & Thomas Ellisor
Description: This committee focuses on family faith and relationship development. Determine events which are focused on evangelism of of the family as it may relate to events which simply bring families together for a fun time to events which are focused on the relationships and faith between those family members. This committee certainly is focused on trying to grow the engagement of families into the Catholic faith.  
Time Commitment/Events: ~4 - 6 events yearly which would include one event as a “token” or “annual” event
Prior Events completed / Event Ideas: Neon Family Party, School’s Out Party @ AllStar Pizza, Family retreat in fall, Family Adoration Quarterly in the Church

Married Life Committee: Led by Molly & Cody Schoener
Description: This committee focuses on marriage enrichment with a focus on Christ at the Center of the marriage.
Time Commitment/Events Expected: ~3 - 5 events yearly
Prior Events completed / Event Ideas: Beloved Date Night Series (3), Oktoberfest Date Night, Marriage retreat

Family Life Transitions Committee: Led by Ronan & Constance McEntee
Description: Program areas include grief,  bereavement,  healing,  divorced ministry,  domestic violence and suicide prevention.  This committee will provide support to single-parenting families and make them feel welcome and involve them in our ministry. This group will also work on supporting the grandparents that are raising children in our church family.
Time Commitment/Events Expected:  TBD

Parenting Life Committee: No current leader
Description: This committee focuses on providing events that help parents in all stages of parenting feel supported in their mission to bring up their children in the Catholic faith.
Time Commitment/Events Expected: 2 events yearly
Event Ideas: TBD

Welcoming Life Committee: Led by Jackie & Courtney Faas and Thomas & Lauren Ellisor
Description: This committee focuses on welcoming new parishioners into our parish and helps those new to the parish feel welcome at St. Michael’s. This committee can also help families who are welcoming a new baby or family member through adoption by providing meals and organizing a “meal train”.
Time Commitment/Events Expected: TBD
Event Ideas: No large events proposed but individual dinners/ letters/emails/phone calls/ invitations