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Spiritual Direction is the process where two people (the director and you) come together to prayerfully discern God’s presence in your spiritual journey. The director will try to help you focus on how God is actually present in your daily life and in your prayer life, to help you to be more aware of and respond to God’s revelation as you experience it affectively.

Spiritual Direction is a privileged time and place to reflect with another about your relationship with God. The focus is "my life with God as it is lived out in all of my experiences." The Holy Spirit is the true Director.

The director has had spiritual training and has knowledge of the religious heritage of the Christian tradition. Your commitment to the Spiritual Direction relationship is that of bringing yourself to the session in an open stance, being faithful to your personal prayer life, and to the scheduled meetings with your director.


Betty Betczynski
Phone: 285-9139


As needed one-on-one.