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Today's Catholic Church is in need of more men and women to enter the religious life. The church recognizes that religious come from families and parishes that pray and work together to encourage and nourish vocations. Families that pray together help create a positive culture while bonding together in a spiritual way.

St. Michael's Church has a program to involve families in praying for vocations. This program consists of a “traveling” chalice which is specifically aimed at families to pray together to foster more vocations.  At least four families a month volunteer to accept a chalice during Mass on the first weekend of the month (one family per Mass) and pray the specific vocation prayer daily during the month for vocations. The chalice is placed in a prominent location, such as the dinner table, so the family can gather together and pray together. The Chalice is provided by the parish and 'travels' from one home to another each month during the year. Individuals are also encouraged to take a chalice and pray for vocations.

Ministry Opportunities

Assist with “sign-up weekend” which is held twice a year, taking the chalice for a month, and assisting with set-up of chalices on the first weekend of the month.


Betty Betczynski
Phone: (979) 285-9139