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Key Information


Begins: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Ash Wednesday

Ends: Thursday March 29, 2018 - Holy Thursday, at dusk

Includes special feasts:

    Solemnity of Saint Joseph - March 20, 2018 (Tuesday)




Information for Seekers


Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith or in becoming Catholic?

For those who are inquisitive about what it means to be Catholic or considering becoming Catholic, we rejoice in you and want to provide you with resources which can help you on this holy and joyous journey.

Visit our Resources for Prospective Catholics web page.


Are you an inactive Catholic who wants to consider returning to active faith?

For those who were once Catholic and feel an interest in returning to active life in the Church, we celebrate your desire to consider returning to the church and want to provide you with resources to help you rejoin ;your Catholic faith.

Visit our Resources for Returning Catholics web page.


Do you wish to become more active in your Catholic faith?

For those who are Catholic and feel an interest in becoming more active in the practice of your Catholic faith, we want to encourage you on your journey and provide you with resources to give you opportunities to get more involved.

Visit our Resources for Becoming a More Active Catholic web page.




Saint Michael Lenten Journey


This year in our parish we are calling this spiritual season the Saint Michael Lenten Journey. This journey is a process of growth in our walk with the Lord. Every journey has a beginning and an end. No matter where we might be in our spiritual walk, God loves us and accepts us as we are. He also encourages us and strengthens us to move forward and grow.

Our goal is to grow closer to God by immersing ourselves in this Lenten season. When we reach the end of this Lent, we should be stronger in our faith than we started. Whenever we attend Mass or participate in another spiritual activity, God can speak to us about some aspect of our lives that we might improve. Over the course of the whole season of Lent, little changes can result in major spiritual growth.

No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, either at the very beginning, or further down the path, God accepts and loves us and is ready to help us grow closer to him.

For more information on the Saint Michael Lenten Journey, please visit the Lenten Journey web page.





Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday Liturgies


"Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes" Video


"Peeps From Sheep" Ash Wednesday Video

View this whimsical video with two sheep talking about going to church on Ash Wednesday.

Watch the video.





Worship & Devotion Opportunities


Regular Lenten Services


Special Lenten Services




Spiritual Enrichment Activities


"Best Lent Ever" - Daily Reflections by Matthew Kelly

Best Lent Ever is a free, daily email program from Dynamic Catholic, led by renowned Catholic author and speaker, Matthew Kelly, that will help you have a truly life-changing Lent. To subscribe to Best Lent Ever visit


Bishop Barron's Dail Lent Reflections

Would you like a deeper, more powerful Lent this year? Then sign up for Bishop Robert Barron's FREE daily Lent reflections. Each day, from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday, the creator and host of the CATHOLICISM film series will send you a short reflection, straight to your inbox. This is an excellent way to help super-charge your Lent.

Sign up for Bishop Barron's daily Lent reflections at








ARISE Together in Christ is a program from Renew International providing a parish spiritual renewal and evangelization process. The goal is to help people become better hearers and doers of the Word of God by encouraging and supporting the formation of small communities as sharing groups where individuals seek to grow in faith and in their relationship with God and one another.

ARISE will be running during Lent, 2017, for six weeks. Participants will meet weekly in a faith sharing group of 8-12 individuals either in homes or at the parish. The program can joined at any time. For more information, go to our ARISE web page.


CRS Rice Bowls

CRS Rice Bowl is Catholic Relief Services’ Lenten faith-in-action program for families and faith communities.

40 years ago, Catholics in the United States wanted to respond to famine in Africa. Could we feed the hungry through Lenten prayers, fasting and almsgiving? The answer was yes—and it came in the form of a small cardboard box. 40 years later, CRS Rice Bowl is your way to help our brothers and sisters in need each Lent. Through CRS Rice Bowl, we hear stories from our brothers and sisters in need worldwide, and devote our Lenten prayers, fasting and gifts to change the lives of the poor.


Learn more at

CRS Rice Bowls will be available in the narthex of church on Ash Wednesday.






Living the Catholic Faith

This archdiocesan resource summarizes what it means to live the Catholic faith, offered in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.


Lent: A Time for Repentance, Reconciliation and Conversion

Lent is a time for repentance, receiving reconciliation, and allowing conversion to happen in our lives.

View this handout on Repentence, Reconciliation and Conversion.


Lenten Fasting & Abstinence

Ever wonder what the church actually teaches about fasting in Lent?

View this handout on Fasting and Abstinence.


Ministries at St. Michael's

We have a very large number of active ministries here at St. Michael's. You can view these on our
Ministry index web page.


Sackcloth and Ashes

What is all about those ashes and where did that practice come from? Find out all about it in our
handout entitled Sackcloth and Ashes.





Lent Church Environment


The liturgical environment for the season of Lent in 2017 depicts Lenten Journey. Around the inside columns of the church, we see depictions of the Gospel theme of each week of Lent, starting with the 1st Sunday of Lent near the church organ and circling around to Palm Sunday in the corner near the tabernacle. These images are each mounted on a cross, which is the primary symbol for Lent.

This flow around the church is a metaphor for the journey that we will each travel during Lent. We move in our spirituality from where were are at the beginning of Lent, to where we work toward arriving at the end of Lent. We journey with Jesus as he moves through key moments of his public ministry.

Watch as we move forward through Holy Week and the Easter season as our environment leads us through this extended Paschal season.

To view our Lenten church environment as it unfolds in 2017, go to the selected page: